Incredibly reliable

Brothers in life, partners in business

We have built our company on a rock-solid foundation

of loyalty, commitment and respect.

A sense of drive and humour are in our DNA.

Meet Us

Strong ethic at work

Like a Family

We foster a positive working environment based on sharing values, knowledge, responsibilities and happy moments. We make things work - together. This togetherness helps bring out our personal and professional bests and give back to the community.


Co-founder and CTO.

Supplies ideas and tools that clients are sure to love. Holds a black belt in taekwondo, participant in the European Junior Championships. An avid motorcyclist, on the road for 5 years; Addicted to video games since 1988. A proud father of two girls.


Co-founder and CEO.

Makes sure that people and goals meet, keeps the energy going in the team. Experienced in fencing and capoeira, a gamer and a runner. Driven by a passion for motorcycles since 2013. Has a lovely daughter and son.

In tandem

The Team

We are a well-rounded team of diverse individuals with a multitude of talents, skills, personal qualities and one goal - to deliver WOW to our clients.

Adam Misiorny

tech leader

All-round knowledge, knows how to handle every front-end and back-end issue. Always going after new technologies, puts them to the best use. A keen biker, rally-driver and tech geek.

Adrian Kępa

full stack developer

Full-stack developer who almost end up in the past as an accountant... Loves computer games and is keen on to live in a completely remote place somewhere in Scandinavia - at least for some time.

Dominik Nowik

frontend developer

MTB rider, interested in World War II history and MMA. Movie fanatic. Always keen on learning new things, testing out new tools and programming patterns.

Arkadiusz Michowski

frontend developer

In love with software and computing science for as long as he can remember. Enjoys: chess, League of Legends, learning guitar. Can't live without: music, caffeine, laughter.

Dominika Rydzyńska

office manager

Our office saviour who helps us to work without thinking about things around us. Big fan of electronic and experimental music. Loves taking care of plant. Graduated Theatre Studies and Interactive media.

Ewa Janiak

QA specialist

Ewa is a natural born tester, verifying each and every little thing, happy to help to provide the quality of products. Enjoys trying things: last year did yoga, balfolk dancing, caving, cycling and running. Hates arguing & conflicts. Quite open and talkative.

Kinga Ciebielska

frontend developer

Kinga is our skilled front-end developer, who spends spare time on photography and sailing. Hate to work on boring things, so always looks for interesting challanges.

Jakub Springer

backend developer

Passionate about (java and good coffee) beans, mathematical modelling and data processing. Rock climber and bass guitar player after work. Scaling up every day.

Krzysztof Proszkiewicz

team leader

The longest track record in Bitnoise. Back-end and front-end have no secrets for him. An on-the-go kind of guy, reacts quickly and effectively to problems. Loves poker and console gaming sessions.

Klaudia Sipurzyńska

HR&EB specialist

Loves to take care of the team and their job satisfaction. Baking cakes enthusiast and Netflix addict. Donor of blood. Dream about trip to USA.

Luiza Kwiatek

project manager

Energetic and always smiled person with a head full of ideas. Loves PS4 games, dogs (she even has a blind one!) and plays volleyball professionally. Never gives up and always tries to achieve her dreams.

Łukasz Berliński

UI & UX designer

“Played” with graphics as a small child. He was planning to go to the Academy of Fine Arts, but eventually graduated from Poznań University of Technology. He also photographs and creates decorations for events. Cars are his second passion. Addicted to console games.

Marcin Kurylak

backend developer

Highly experienced in front-end and back-end technologies. Deals with server administration when necessary. Works remotely and effectively.

Marek Murawski

lead developer

One-man-army, dedication level at 150%. Unmatched troubleshooting capability. Fond of biking and catching people by surprise.

Piotr Baranek

full stack developer

Front-end and back-end are his thing. Meticulous attention to detail, a full-blown perfectionist. A huge and loyal DDD fan.

Łukasz Duraj

full stack developer

Full-stack developer who love boxing. He sees programming as creative art and is proud that he can do what he do. He value his privacy really strong, so that's why we can't show his photo here.

Piotr Krzoska

full stack developer

Endless challenges and constant change is what he likes in his work. During breaks from coding he practices BJJ, Shooting and Simracing. His dream is to create a product whose sale will ensure retirement. He knows Arabic.

Piotr Kusiak

backend developer

Vast experience in multiple back-end technologies, very adept at front-end tasks. Knows the most efficient ways of doing things.

Piotr Łepkowski

full stack developer

Full-stack developer who began his career as a designer - but that was long time ago. Proud father of Hania and street photographer by passion. Loves the feeling of solving problems in code.

Rafał Szudera

frontend developer

Likes to know what is behind the wall of code. He is a music passionate, plays bass, electric guitar and ukulele. Had the opportunity to voice in advertising. His dream is to have his own house with a fireplace and garden.

Roman Prokopczuk

full stack developer

Likes the process of creating something new, everyday challenges and gaining knowledge, but also a quiet atmosphere. Loves to travel. Big fan of chess and football. He practiced karate and spent six months living and working in Alaska.

Tadeusz Miesiąc

full stack developer

Likes to solve problems - new challenges make him happy. He is everyday Brazilian jiu-jitsu and yoga practitioner. His dream is to open coffee shop one day.

Tomasz Cichowicz

NodeJS developer

Coding is his way of expressing perfectionism and creativity. Team-solving of difficult problems is what he likes the most. Proud father of two girls, an amateur of good coffee and a fan of Real Madrid.

Tomasz Regiec

frontend developer

He likes to do "something" from "nothing", that's why he became a developer ;-). He loves new technologies, sports and astronomy. In the future, he wants to build a house and travel to Japan.


The city of Poznań

A few hours away from major European cities

  • Berlin

  • London

  • Helsinki

  • Oslo

  • Rome

  • Stockholm

  • Tel-Aviv




A centre of excellence

28 academic institutions, 8 public universities, 20 private schools. A pool of talent with over 130,000 students.


Smart and future-oriented

A thriving hub of innovation and science, home to high-tech industry and a bold entrepreneurial spirit.


Vibrant culture

International fair, conference and festival venue, quaint Old Town, delectable cuisine, great sports events and facilities.