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Incredibly reliable

Brothers in life, partners in business

We have built our company on a rock-solid foundation

of loyalty, commitment and respect.

A sense of drive and humour are in our DNA.

Meet Us
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Strong ethic at work

Like a Family

We foster a positive working environment based on sharing

values, knowledge, responsibilities and happy moments.

We make things work - together. This togetherness

helps bring out our personal and professional bests

and give back to the community.

Lukas photo


Co-founder and CTO.

Supplies ideas and tools that clients are sure to love.

Holds a black belt in taekwondo, participant in the European Junior

Championships. An avid motorcyclist, on the road for 5 years;

Addicted to video games since 1988.

A proud father of two girls.

Adrian photo


Co-founder and CEO.

Makes sure that people and goals meet, keeps the energy going in the team.

Experienced in fencing and capoeira, a gamer and a runner.

Driven by a passion for motorcycles since 2013.

Has a lovely daughter and son.

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In tandem

The Team

We are a well-rounded team of diverse individuals
with a multitude of talents, skills, personal qualities
and one goal - to deliver WOW to our clients.


The city of Poznań

A few hours away from major European cities

  • Berlin

  • London

  • Helsinki

  • Oslo

  • Rome

  • Stockholm

  • Tel-Aviv




A centre of excellence

28 academic institutions, 8 public universities, 20 private schools. A pool of talent with over 130,000 students.


Smart and future-oriented

A thriving hub of innovation and science, home to high-tech industry and a bold entrepreneurial spirit.


Vibrant culture

International fair, conference and festival venue, quaint Old Town, delectable cuisine, great sports events and facilities.