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Been there, done that, proud of it


Join is a Swiss company with the main office located in Berlin. It has reinvented the way of the recruitment process - making it fast, fun and effective. Under the leadership of its CEO Tim Ruffner and CCO/COO Manoj Harasgama it became a fast-growing business that needed a bigger team of great React and Node developers. And that is where we came in - since 2018 we are supporting with a dedicated team of our professionals.


Squareball Digital


Squareball Digital is a full-service product studio with offices in Berlin and Manchester. SquareBall works with all kinds of clients - big corporations and small start-ups - providing tailored services and products. Our collaborations started suddenly in 2016 and last almost without a break until now. We provide to SquareBall Digital skilled developers who work closely with company management and the whole team.



HooKooEKoo is a unique digital agency whose employees and contractors are spread all around the world, working with amazing brands, doing magic things with the help of technology and imagination. With the leader of HooKooEKoo - Matt Cyrankiewicz - Bitnoise collaborate since 2011. We are providing to his current company a development team and the tech leaders to help them create the best possible products for their customers.



Roll Studio is an Italian company with offices in Avellino and London, which provides a wide spectrum of digital services for many global brands. Our paths crossed the first time in 2014 and since then we are regularly working together on many creative projects. What we love the most in Rollstudio is the team of great professionals with the best possible attitude - every work with them is a pleasure. Even with tight deadlines and challenging goals.


Our clients trust us. We have established a reputation as a reliable provider of great software, delivering projects on time, on budget and with spectacular results.

Rolf Sormo

CTO @ Luxus Worldwide

Bitnoise is an invaluable partner to us. They’re tech savvy, on top of new technologies and their process let’s us worry about the next deal, and not about development.

Mike Garrod

Director @ World Fixer Ltd

The Bitnoise team were easy to work with and produced an extremely slick site which has attracted a lot of business for us. I am particularly grateful for the work they do in continued support, often going beyond what is expected to keep things running smoothly.

Ted Katagi

CEO @ Kenja Corporation

Bitnoise is our true partners in coming up with solutions when we have specific needs. They have earned our solid trust over a many year relationship.

Richard Archer

CEO/owner @ Bramble

Bitnoise have been great: very good technically; responsive to the way we wanted to do things; and huge fun to work with.

Fred Moore

Director @ BrightLeap

At BrightLeap we have worked with Bitnoise for nearly two years and are continually impressed by team’s grasp of technology and their execution capabilities. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Renato Formato

CTO @ Roll Studio

Bitnoise has developed a good understanding of our own vision and adapted their internal process to successfully complement our project workflows. They proactively solve issues impacting the business and it feels like we have gained an internal team of the company. They are irreplaceable for us!

Mateusz Cyrankiewicz

founder @ HooKooEKoo

Bitnoise is a team of very talented, passionate and hard-working developers who, most of all, are very nice people pleasant to work with. We've been working together for years and hope to continue for many to come.